About our beef

Our products are verified non-gmo by the only official 3rd party verification organisation in the USA.

We  use only New Zealand Beef in the making of New Zealand Jerky.

Why do we use NZ beef?

  • New Zealand is non gmo** & therefore our cattle are non-gmo.
  • Our cattle are grass-fed all their lives
  • Our cattle are free to roam, and wander in lush green pastures
  • Our cattle are managed according to strict EU standards of animal welfare conditions, including humane handling, humane transport & humane slaughter
  • NZJ beef contains no hormonal growth promotants

Grass-fed cattle, raised in these conditions, produce meat that is less fatty & higher in omega 3 fatty acids and perfect for making Jerky, both for the taste and the creation of a healthier product

**New Zealand Is non GMO –    “No genetically modified crops or animals are grown commercially in New Zealand. No fresh fruit, vegetables or meat sold in New Zealand is genetically modified”* (from the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment)